Why you might want to have counselling

If you are feeling confused, anxious, worried or depressed talking to a trained empathic listener can really help.

Counselling and psychotherapy can help you explore and understand your feelings and make sense of what is happening to you. Sometimes gaining this sense of clarity is enough.

If you have lost someone or some important part of your life it will be important to explore and express your feelings of loss so that the work of mourning can begin and eventually you can move on.

Sometimes people  find themselves repeating the same distressing pattern of behaviour but are unable to change. The cause of this often lies in the past.  Working together we can develop an understanding of the repeated behaviours and build a foundation for change.  To do this involves talking about difficult, painful feelings and initially, you may feel worse in some ways, before you start to feel better.

All of this work leads to a fuller more integrated sense of self, to greatly reduced distress and a greater sense of being able to cope.


What I provide

I provide both short-term counselling and longer term psychotherapy. Sessions are supportive, non-judgemental and confidential. 

I provide a free 30 minute telephone consultation in which we can explore your concerns. Then in the first session we will explore your needs, whether we can work effectively together and plan the duration and type of the counselling and timing of reviews.

The type of counselling may be Psychodynamic, Solution Focused or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.  We will discuss and choose the best approach for you.